As a youth, I get to hear about the news from the perspective of my peers. In the past two months I have heard about everything from Miley Cyrus to Mitt Romney, but no one has mentioned the tragedy happening in The Philippines. On November 10th, 2013, a system of typhoons hit the Philippines head on. Over 10,000 were dead or missing, and that number is STILL growing. You can read a full account here.

Despite the intense devastation happening to these people, I heard nothing about it from my peers. I listened silently while they continued to mock the way certain celebrities chose to dress, or about that one girl at our school who did that one thing at that one party. Politically, conversations turned to gay-rights (mostly negative on that subject), racial issues, the 2nd amendment, and mostly Ted Cruz. These are all things that concern them because they're all happening around them. The typhoon in The Philippines was not near them, did not effect them, and was not about them so therefore it did not concern them.
As humans, shouldn't we feel grief when our brothers across the world are suffering? Shouldn't tens of thousands of dead people take importance over Lady Gaga's "outrageous" behavior?
If people can be left in tears over the death of Paul Walker, wouldn't this move at least some young people?
I was moved. I have no money myself, but I do have a power most young people have-the internet.

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